Chin Liposuction


Your chin is one of the most defining features of your face. A strong, well-defined chin can make your face look more proportional and drastically change your appearance. Over time, the subcutaneous fat around the neck and chin begins to sag down, giving the appearance of what is commonly referred to as a “double chin.” Contrary to what people think, the obese or elderly are not the only people affected; a younger person of average weight can also develop a double chin, depending on the amount of loose skin and their bone structure. It can be embarrassing and lower your self-esteem, but thankfully, there are procedures available to treat this problematic area. Dr. Amron performs many Beverly Hills chin liposuction procedures, and can help re-contour the structure of your face to create a proportional, thinner profile.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of loose, saggy skin underneath your chin, chin liposuction may be the procedure for you. Through many advancements in his Beverly Hills chin liposuction procedures, Dr. Amron can transform your sagging, loose skin around the neck and chin into a sculpted, fitter appearance. He performs his chin liposuction using minimally-invasive procedures that can reshape your chin while minimizing the appearance of scars. Dr. Amron uses micro cannulas crafted specifically for removing fatty tissue in smaller volume areas to break up the fat as well as tighten the loose skin that remains.

Because liposculpture surgery is invasive and its success depends largely on the health and history of each individual, Dr. Amron assesses all his patients and provides consultation to those interested before performing chin liposuction. It is critical to note that Beverly Hills liposuction is a procedure for fat removal for certain areas, and is not intended as a weight loss solution, nor is it an alternative to a healthy diet or regular exercise. The ideal candidate is an individual in good health, has firm, elastic skin, and has had no previous surgery on or around the chin. Dr. Amron provides onsite and phone consultations and assess each case to see if chin liposuction is right for you. If you are a good candidate, he can consult you on how to prepare for your liposculpture surgery. During the procedure a small cannula is hooked up to a liposuction machine and inserted into the skin. The cannula is then manipulated to remove stubborn fatty deposits by melting, dissolving, and suctioning them from the deep fatty layer in the abdomen. I often integrate skin tightening with chin liposuction to mold the exterior and create a firm, well-defined abdomen with very minimal scarring. Chin liposuction is an extremely popular procedure and produces great results without the obvious signs of surgery. In only a matter of 1-2 hours, your stomach will look toned, thin, and proportional. Please visit Dr. Amron’s Before and After Lipo page if you are skeptical of what type of arm liposuction results you can achieve at his Beverly Hills liposuction office.

With areas such as the chin, tumescent liposuction is ideal in removing fat from the chin, as it is much safer than other liposuction procedures, has the highest satisfaction rate, and has the shortest recovery time. In no time, Dr. Amron can help give you the look and confidence you’ve always dreamed about. If you are looking to change your look, but are discouraged by face-lifts and plastic surgery, a chin liposuction can drastically change the shape of your face, tighten up the skin underneath your chin, and create a more proportional appearance. Dr. Amron can provide liposculpture surgery advice and consultation at his Beverly Hills liposuction office, or you can contact him at (310)275-2467 for a phone consultation to see if you qualify. A new you is only a phone call away!