Chest Liposuction


Gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, is a very common and often embarrassing condition among men. While liposuction receives the stigma of being a procedure typically reserved for women, a good number of patients who visit Dr. David Amron’s Beverly Hills liposuction office are actually men who are looking to improve their physical appearance. Many men are embarrassed by their large breasts which may appear unathletic or feminine. As a result, many of them may dread wearing form-fitting shirts or go bare-chested. Unfortunately, some cases of enlarged male breast tissue are not simply a matter of working out. A number of medical factors can contribute to gynecomastia and in some cases, chest liposuction is the only solution to remove excessive fat in the chest area and restore confidence in men who are affected.

The gynecomastia area is gravitationally prone and with age, the male chest tends to become fuller and begin to droop due to loss of elasticity in muscle and skin tone. The male chest is one liposuction area where Dr. Amron tends to be very aggressive in with fat removal. Like with most areas, Dr. Amron approaches each side from two directions in a crisscross motion to create a more smooth and uniform outcome. He is very careful to make sure that he gets the area under each nipple completely, which is many times a combination of fat and glandular tissue.

Due to the invasive nature and possible risks involved in liposculpture surgery, Dr. Amron makes it s a priority to assess all his patients and provides consultation to individuals interested first before continuing. It is critical to note that liposuction is a procedure for fat removal for certain areas, and is not intended as a weight loss solution, nor is it an alternative to a healthy diet or regular exercise. The ideal candidate is an individual in good health, has firm, elastic skin, and has had no previous surgery on or around the chest area. The said candidate would have a healthy physique and is looking to remove excessive fat deposits from the chest to create more defined, proportional, and masculine shape. Although many men with gynecomastia who visit Dr. Amron are good candidates for chest liposuction, there are a few limitations. During the consultation, Dr. Amron determines whether a large proportion of the breast volume is breast tissue or breast fat. The latter case shows the best results, as chest liposuction eliminates excessive fat from problematic areas. If the latter is the case, results are not as prominent, as chest liposuction does not target breast tissue. If you have gynecomastia and are looking to achieve a firm, toned chest, come in for a consultation at Dr. Amron’s Beverly Hills liposuction office or contact him at (310)275-2467 for a phone consultation to see if you qualify. If you are a good candidate, he can help reshape your body and restore your confidence. If you are embarrassed of your large breasts, Dr. Amron can help you embrace your appearance again. Your new body is only a phone call away.