Arm Liposuction


A common complaint Dr. David Amron receives from his female patients involves the appearance of loose skin around the arms. The back is gravitationally-prone, and so the posterior upper arms tend to become flabby over time. For this reason, Dr. David Amron often tries to encourage women to look into liposuction earlier as opposed to later in their lives if there is disproportion in this area. His patients often go to his Beverly Hills liposuction office flustered when they realize rigorous exercise and maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t help get rid of unsightly arm flaps. This is because saggy, loose skin on the arms form where toning can’t reach.

Understanding the mechanics of this problem doesn’t provide much solace, but thankfully, there are liposculpture surgery solutions to help sculpt and reshape your body. By reducing the amount of fat in the area combined with skin tightening, your posterior arms will begin to look tighter and more defined – and will remain firm over time. You no longer have to hide your body behind long sleeves; Dr. David Amron’s arm liposuction procedure can restore your confidence and make you proud to show off your upper arms.

Arm liposuction is not for everyone. Because liposculpture surgery is invasive and its success depends largely on the health and history of each individual, Dr. Amron assesses all his patients and provide consultation to those interested before performing the surgery. It is critical to note that liposuction is a procedure for fat removal for certain areas, and is not intended as a weight loss solution, nor is it an alternative to a healthy diet or regular exercise. The ideal candidate is an individual in good health, has firm, elastic skin, and has had no previous surgery on or around the arm area. Dr. David Amron provides onsite and phone consultations and assess each case to see if arm liposuction is right for his patients. If you are a good candidate, he can consult you on how to prepare for your arm liposuction treatment. During the procedure, small incisions are made near the elbows and a small cannula is hooked up to a liposuction machine and inserted into the skin. The cannula is then manipulated to remove stubborn fatty deposits by melting, dissolving, and suctioning them out. Dr. David Armon often integrates skin tightening with arm liposuction to mold the exterior and create firm, well-defined arms with very minimal scarring. Arm liposuction is an extremely popular procedure and produces great results without the obvious signs of surgery. In only a matter of 1-2 hours, your arms will look toned, thin, and proportional. Please visit the Before and After Lipo page if you are skeptical of what type of arm liposuction results you can achieve with Dr. Amron.

If you are unsatisfied by the appearance of your arms, please contact Dr. David Amron today for a consultation to see if arm liposuction is right for you. Fit, toned, and proportional arms are only a phone call away!