Feb 222012

You know you’ve seen them, or at least heard about them – horror stories of liposuction surgery gone awry. Lumpy legs, asymmetrical arms and abnormal abdomens are just a few of the negative consequences of this surgery. That’s why finding a physician with skill, a lot of experience and an eye for balance is extremely important. If you live in Los Angeles, you’re in luck; one of the best liposuction surgeons is based here.

We Love Symmetry

We humans love symmetry. It’s a scientific fact that we find similarities between right and left sides – in people, buildings or nature – attractive. When shown pictures and asked who is more appealing, studies have proven that people with the most symmetrical features win almost every time. So, if you want to sculpt your body with liposuction in Los Angeles, or anywhere else, it’s imperative that your doctor understand how to maintain balanced proportions.

Liposuction Is an Art

In many ways, liposuction is an art. One definition of art is the expression or application of creative skill and imagination, typically based on what is considered beautiful or appealing. Possessing the ability to look at your body and envisioning just where to remove pockets of fat to sculpt a more attractive figure is, by definition, an art. Ergo, for liposuction, you need an artist!

Learn to Interrogate!

If you’re paying to look better, be sure to interview your doctor carefully. Make sure he or she understands exactly what you want, but also knows the best way to work with your body. You see, doing exactly what you want isn’t always the brightest idea. If you want all the fat removed from your thighs, for instance, your potential doc should say no. You need a certain amount of fat to survive, and you don’t want to upset your body’s aesthetic balance. Stick-like legs and a top-heavy body? Not the way to go. Cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Amron – one of the best liposuction surgeons in Los Angeles – know that achieving proper proportions and a balanced look is paramount to patient satisfaction.

Correcting Mistakes

Dr. Amron sees many patients, who come from Los Angeles and all over the world, that need corrective liposuction. Botched surgeries can result in misshapen areas of your body. Fixing these mistakes is costly and difficult; fat grafts, where a surgeon takes fat from somewhere else in your body, are needed to pad deficient areas. More liposuction might be necessary to balance out your look.

Getting It Right the First Time

Don’t trust your body to an inexperienced surgeon. The first time you get liposuction can be the last time you need it. Find the right doctor who has the right tools for your body and current health situation. Talk to a knowledgeable surgeon, like Dr. Amron in Beverly Hills. Call for more information or for a free phone consultation – 310-275-2467 – or visit his website.

Apr 292011

Could your rear view do with some improvement? If you are sagging in the wrong places and your caboose is larger than you would like, help is at hand.

It may not be your buttocks causing the problem, it maybe everything around the buttocks that is making it less attractive than you would like. The fat in your rear end is rarely in the buttocks themselves but in the area around the buttocks such as the outer and upper thighs, hips and posterior.

Actual buttocks liposuction in Los Angeles is rarely ever done. The only time the actual buttock requires liposuction is when the area is protuberant and fat. Good muscle tone of the buttocks is necessary, as with any muscle, to get a smaller, rounder more firm buttock.  If you liposuction a flabby buttock what will happen is that it will flatten the buttock and cause them to drop. To show off that muscle tone and small buttock it is necessary to remove the fat from the outer and upper thighs, from the hips and from the posterior. It is important to know the difference between fat and poor muscle tone, and both removal of the fat and improved muscle tone is absolutely necessary to achieve the look you want.

Buttock liposuction in Beverly Hills done properly on the right candidate will create a buttock that is smaller, rounder, firmer and slightly lifted. Contact Dr. David Amron for buttock liposuction in Los Angeles and start achieving the rear view you would be happy to call your own.

Mar 112011

Do you have tummy fat you just can’t lose no matter how many crunches you do every day? Have you lost weight but still don’t look slim because of excess weight around your middle? Do your clothes feel tight in the waist and cut you off in the middle leaving you with a red irritating band around your waist? Maybe you have become a fan of elastic waistbands because you can’t seem to get your clothing to fit right due to a tummy bulge.

There are many reasons we store fat in the tummy area. In addition to muscles that are stretched and weight that may be left over from pregnancy, stress can cause your body to store fat in the abdomen. Some people, through their inherited genes, are simply predisposed to holding weight in their belly. Women may face scrutiny and unpleasant questions about pregnancy that can be very embarrassing.

Sometimes you can’t get rid of your tummy fat no matter what you do. You can try targeted exercise, a regimen of crunches and even belly dancing and it still won’t result in that flat trim tummy you want so badly.

Dr. David Amron performs abdominal liposuction in Beverly Hills. There are two types of abdominal liposuction in Beverly Hills, central and all-around. Central liposuction removes fat from the lower and upper part of your abdominal muscles. If liposuction only removes the fat from the lower stomach or gut area the fat from the upper abdominals will migrate down and ultimately take up residence in the lower stomach or gut. Dr. Amron has the skill to know this, so with his technique you won’t have upper abdominal fat moving down to turn into a bulging gut. All around liposuction removes fat from your abdominals, waist and the area in back directly above your hips (flanks) to give you the slender trim look you desire.

Call or visit Dr. David Amron today for more information on getting abdominal liposuction in Beverly Hills.

Feb 212011

How we look to others and to ourselves is important for both men and women. When most people think of liposuction they immediately think that women are the only liposuction candidates. There are a number of procedures that can provide an enhanced body image and appearance for men. One condition that many men have is called gynecomastia, which causes large male breasts. Gynecomastia is a common condition that can easily affect a man’s self image. Consider how embarrassing it can be for a man to have large breasts. Even if a man does all he can to hide large male breasts it can be very inhibiting and prevent him from wearing fitted clothing or prevent him from going bare-chested even at the beach or pool.

Aging also has an effect on men with gynecomastia, gravity takes its toll and causes the large male breasts to become fuller and begin to droop as muscle tissue and skin loses its elasticity.

Chest liposuction in Beverly Hills is available to remove the excess tissue and restore the male chest to a normal masculine size and appearance. Dr. Amron aggressively removes the excess tissue evenly and in a uniform manner across the chest, which restores the male chest to a smooth, uniform and masculine look. Dr. Amron is an expert in the effects of gynecomastia and is careful to remove the excess glandular tissue and fat around each nipple so that the resulting look is totally masculine.

When you visit Dr. Amron, expect a complete assessment of you risk factors for chest liposuction in Beverly Hills, this is necessary because of the invasive nature of the procedure and the possible risks. You will receive a full consultation before continuing. Dr. Amron will determine if the large breast appearance is due to fat or breast tissue. Fat is the best candidate for chest liposuction in Beverly Hills and Dr. Amron will be able to apprise you of the expected outcome based on the type of tissue you have. If you have gynecomastia and are want to have a firm, toned chest, come into Dr. Amron’s Beverly Hills liposuction office or contact him at (310) 275-2467 for a phone consultation. If you qualify and are a good candidate for chest liposuction in Beverly Hills, he can reshape your body and boost your confidence.  A more masculine physique is just a phone call away.

You also must understand that liposuction is not an alternative to good diet and exercise and it is not to be considered as a weight loss alternative. Liposuction is for fat removal only in certain areas. To be a candidate for liposuction you must be in good general health, have had no previous surgery in the chest area and have firm and elastic skin. You must also have a healthy physique and be a candidate for focused fat removal from specific areas of the chest to create a more masculine chest appearance.