Dr. Amron

Dr. Amron

Thousands of patients have trusted in Dr. David Amron’s expertise as a liposuction surgeon. With more than 18 years of experience, Dr. Amron has been and continues to be highly respected for his special, individualized approach to liposculpture surgery.

Nov 072012

We have all seen the pictures and heard the horror stories of what happens when liposuction surgery goes wrong. Often graphic pictures display bizarrely proportioned unnatural looking humans, with giant lips, sharp noses, asymmetrical eyes and bizarrely chiseled abdominal muscles, but while these results are real possibilities, it can actually be hard to find a surgeon who is willing to purposely make such radical changes and surgeons likes this are often severely ostracized and looked down on by the rest of the plastic surgery industry. It is not uncommon for surgeons who cannot make the cut as a legitimate doctor, to resort to offering extreme procedures to make money quickly at the expense of their patients emotional health and wellbeing.

To reiterate, this type of surgeon is not the norm, but it is still essential to find a qualified and respected surgeon any time you plan to have a surgical procedure that will permanently effect the look of your body and indirectly, your confidence and self esteem.

If you are lucky enough to live in a place like New York or Los Angeles, where the concentration of prestigious medical schools produces a larger proportion of quality medical professionals it will always be easier to find either of the two extremes. Los Angeles is the place where people who want unnatural body modifications come, but it is also where people who want the absolute best quality in plastic surgery come to find the world’s most highly skilled and respected doctors.

Liposuction surgeons like Dr. David Amron, do more than provide patients with some of the most advanced surgical procedures in the world, these doctors work hard to build safe and quality practices and maintain the integrity of the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Amron and his peers are looked upon to advance the field and consulted when safety and best practices are in question. Dr. Amron himself has been featured on numerous television stations, world famous news and health programs, in print media like The L.A. Times and The Wall Street Journal, and has authored scholarly articles that look deeper into the practices and ideas behind liposuction and other forms of plastic surgery.

 Dr. Amron is known as one of the world’s leading liposuction plastic surgeons, offering cutting edge liposuction surgery, revision liposuction, and liposuction alternatives that set the standard for surgeons in Los Angeles and across the country. In spite of all of it, Dr. Amron is a normal guy who enjoys music, is an accomplished songwriter, and loves recreational sports. Staying in touch with a creativity and leisure may be one of the things that keeps Dr. Amron grounded and allows him to offer each and every individual he encounters an excellent patient experience.

Nov 072012

It’s no secret that every doctor wants to be known as the best and liposuction doctors are no different. But when you are looking for the best liposuction doctor for your own surgery, finding an actual reputable surgeon, with a solid background, and satisfied patients becomes something you are going to want to put a lot of careful research into. Knowing that liposuction has the potential to change your life for the better, or the potential to make matters worse when performed by an under qualified doctor, makes finding the best liposuction doctor available a priority, not a luxury.

If you’ve come across Dr. David Amron while searching for the best liposuction doctor, consider yourself lucky. Dr. David Amron, along with having nearly 20 years of experience working as a liposuction surgeon in Beverly Hills, has studied and taught at some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious universities, and been approached for expert advice on the Discovery Channel, the Today Show, EXTRA, Inside Edition, Good Day L.A., Good Morning America and many other popular shows and networks. Dr. Amron is respected as a surgeon, as an expert, as a scholar and, something that is important to look for in any surgeon, he is respected among his peers as someone who has helped lead and shape the plastic surgery field.

Because Dr. Amron is so skilled in the techniques of liposuction surgery, he is one of few liposuction doctors who offer revision liposuction techniques, which are far more complicated than standard liposuction and are generally offered and performed by only the best surgeons. Correcting the results of liposuction done by other doctors takes expert knowledge of human anatomy, liposuction and revision techniques, a skilled hand and a sharp mind.

After nearly two decades as a liposuction surgeon, spent honing and refining skills and helping numerous patients, Dr. Amron has become an exemplar of the field. A board certified dermatological surgeon who takes pride in every satisfied patient, Dr. Amron is a sure choice for any patient who seeks a tried and true liposuction doctor and who isn’t willing to settle for second best.

Dr. Amron will always offer patients only what he can provide. He has been called a miracle worker, but knowing his own limitations and never offering patients more than he can provide is a marker of a truly humanitarian doctor who wants only satisfied and happy patients. To Dr. Amron cosmetic surgery is as much of an art as it is a medicine and science. Dr. Amron’s goal is to offer patients spectacular results that balance the proportions of the body and give them confidence and improved self esteem.

 If you would like to learn more about what liposuction can offer you and why people often call Dr. David Amron the best liposuction doctor in Beverly Hills, visit our contact page to request more info or to schedule a personal consultation to liposuction with Dr. Amron himself.

Mar 122012

What exactly are fat cells, anyway? We know that they can make our skin bulge, sometimes unevenly, and cause the dreaded “jiggle” when we walk or move, but what’s under our skin that’s causing all that commotion? And why is it so tough to get rid of it once it’s there?

Adipose Tissue

Technically known as adipose tissue or adipocytes, fat cells are vacuoles, or hollow cells that can fill up with lipids and triglycerides. There are two types of adipose tissue found in humans – brown and white adipose. Everyone has and needs a certain amount of fat tissue to survive, women in particular. It typically resides under your skin, providing insulation from the cold, cushioning for your bones and muscles and energy for your body’s cells.

Fat as Fuel

You might not realize it, but fat is actually an excellent source of fuel for your body. Your cells need energy to constantly perform an innumerable amount of functions, such as breathing, pumping blood, moving muscles and digesting food. Your body uses carbohydrates and proteins for energy too, but fat is an efficient way for your body to store energy. It’s insurance for your body; if you can’t get enough fuel through your diet, your body can use up fat stores to ensure its systems don’t shut down. Because it’s stored using very little water, more energy is generated per gram of fat than per gram of carbohydrate.

Adipose Tissue Is “Sticky”

Fat cells have the bad habit of sticking around. Why? Because even if you lose weight and reduce your percentage of body fat, adipocytes don’t disappear. They just shrink down and sit there, waiting for you to fill them up again.

Zeroing in on Fat Cell Removal

Though fat cells lying in wait may seem like something out of a nightmare, science has discovered technology that can help reduce the amount of adipocytes in your body. Recently, ultrasound technologies have been tapped to evict squatting fat cells, helping to sculpt a leaner physique. UltraShape is one such technique, with research and documentation to back up its effectiveness.


UltraShape is a laser technique that’s non-invasive, meaning there is no surgery involved. No scalpels, no stitches and no scars. UltraShape uses focused ultrasound to target specific adipocytes, disrupting their structure and essentially destroying their ability to store fat. Unlike other technologies, UltraShape can focus in on just the fat cells, leaving other structures – such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue – unharmed. Studies have shown this innovative procedure may help reduce circumferential fat by four to 10 centimeters in three treatment sessions.

Results will vary, and the procedure isn’t right for everyone, but it’s nice to know you can get rid of saddle bags and jiggly arms without surgery!

Feb 222012

You know you’ve seen them, or at least heard about them – horror stories of liposuction surgery gone awry. Lumpy legs, asymmetrical arms and abnormal abdomens are just a few of the negative consequences of this surgery. That’s why finding a physician with skill, a lot of experience and an eye for balance is extremely important. If you live in Los Angeles, you’re in luck; one of the best liposuction surgeons is based here.

We Love Symmetry

We humans love symmetry. It’s a scientific fact that we find similarities between right and left sides – in people, buildings or nature – attractive. When shown pictures and asked who is more appealing, studies have proven that people with the most symmetrical features win almost every time. So, if you want to sculpt your body with liposuction in Los Angeles, or anywhere else, it’s imperative that your doctor understand how to maintain balanced proportions.

Liposuction Is an Art

In many ways, liposuction is an art. One definition of art is the expression or application of creative skill and imagination, typically based on what is considered beautiful or appealing. Possessing the ability to look at your body and envisioning just where to remove pockets of fat to sculpt a more attractive figure is, by definition, an art. Ergo, for liposuction, you need an artist!

Learn to Interrogate!

If you’re paying to look better, be sure to interview your doctor carefully. Make sure he or she understands exactly what you want, but also knows the best way to work with your body. You see, doing exactly what you want isn’t always the brightest idea. If you want all the fat removed from your thighs, for instance, your potential doc should say no. You need a certain amount of fat to survive, and you don’t want to upset your body’s aesthetic balance. Stick-like legs and a top-heavy body? Not the way to go. Cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Amron – one of the best liposuction surgeons in Los Angeles – know that achieving proper proportions and a balanced look is paramount to patient satisfaction.

Correcting Mistakes

Dr. Amron sees many patients, who come from Los Angeles and all over the world, that need corrective liposuction. Botched surgeries can result in misshapen areas of your body. Fixing these mistakes is costly and difficult; fat grafts, where a surgeon takes fat from somewhere else in your body, are needed to pad deficient areas. More liposuction might be necessary to balance out your look.

Getting It Right the First Time

Don’t trust your body to an inexperienced surgeon. The first time you get liposuction can be the last time you need it. Find the right doctor who has the right tools for your body and current health situation. Talk to a knowledgeable surgeon, like Dr. Amron in Beverly Hills. Call for more information or for a free phone consultation – 310-275-2467 – or visit his website.

Jan 272012

Cool Sculpting is a break though in fat removal. Cool refers to Cryolipolisis, this is a technology that has been developed to cool fat below body temperature, but above freezing, which crystallizes subcutaneous fat. Sculpting refers to the way that you want fat removed because we all need fat to look healthy look and a normal shape.

Cool Sculpting means that unwanted fat will simply melt away over the weeks after your Cryolipolisis treatment because the fat that is sculpted away will be removed through normal metabolic processes.

Cool Sculpting is painless. You can read a book or check your email while you are having the Cryolipolisis. You may have some temporary side effects limited to redness, some bruising and you could have temporary numbness for a short period of time. No adverse side effects have been identified from the procedure.

Cool Sculpting does not require needles or incisions and is painless. You can read a magazine, file your nails or simply relax during the Cryolipolisis. You may have some temporary redness, bruising or mild numbness after the procedure. Those side effects go away after a few days. Cool Sculpting is totally non-invasive and safe.

Cool Sculpting just got FDA approval in the fall of 2010 so few practices are providing Cryolipolisis. One of the Doctors that can perform Cryolipolisis is Dr. David Amron. So if you want more information about Cool Sculpting you have come to the right place.

Dec 072011

The years take a toll on your face. Fat can get stored in many places on your body but one place where fat is stored, that adds years to your appearance, is your chin. When your chin is fatty or you develop a bulge under or around your chin it can make you look much older than you would like. The good news is that chin liposuction can make a big difference.

If you are a young person and have fat stored around your chin, due to earlier weight gain or genetics, it can make you look heavy and older than you would like.

Sculpting your chin to remove that excess fat can have amazing results. You can have a more refined youthful face after chin liposuction removes the excess fat and double chin. In addition the loose sagging skin will be gone giving you a more defined and fit appearance.

Dr. David Amron uses minimally invasive procedures to remove only the excess fat and loose skin and with minimal scarring. Dr. Amron uses micro-cannulas designed specifically for removing small amounts of fat to carefully sculpt your chin.

You also need to consider that liposuction is surgery and as such each patient is carefully evaluated for skin type, fat type and general health before performing chin liposuction. Also, consider that liposuction is not an alternative for a healthy diet and exercise. An individual should be in good health, have firm elastic skin without scarring from previous surgery.

Dr Amron has been performing liposuction procedures for over 16 years and is the liposuction doctor for the Stars. He has an artistic eye and can give you expert chin liposuction to give you a natural more youthful appearance. Contact Dr. Amron at 310.275-2467 today, for a free phone consultation and evaluation.

Oct 072011

Once you decide that you want liposuction, it is important to know that liposuction can go wrong. In fact, there are revision liposuction surgeons who are so highly skilled they can correct other liposuction surgeon’s mistakes. There are many places where you can get liposuction in Beverly Hills, including plastic surgeons and general surgeons. Unless the surgeon performs thousands of liposuction surgeries, they will not be able to give you the results you want from your liposuction surgery.

Some of the things that can go wrong with liposuction are:

  • Loss of shape – the liposuction surgeon needs to understand and have an artistic eye for the human shape. You want your body sculpted and not have all of your curves removed.
  • Tunnels under the skin – if the liposuction surgeon removes fat too aggressively and with the wrong technique you can have fat tunnels.
  • Lumps under the skin – this can happen when the liposuction surgeon removes fat without consideration for your skin elasticity.

The most important choice you can make, once you decide to have liposuction, is to find the very best surgeon for liposuction in Beverly Hills. You want skill, experience, artistic eye and an excellent technique to ensure the very best results.

Dr. David Amron has performed thousands of liposuction procedures including revision liposuction. Dr. Amron is the liposuction surgeon for the stars and is the best surgeon available for liposuction in Beverly Hills.

Aug 172011

There are very few perfect bodies and even those few perfect bodies must face the effects of aging. Even if you eat right and exercise you can have pockets of fat that simply will not yield to your efforts to eradicate them. If you are tired of “living with it”, liposuction can offer transformational and lasting results.

It is always important to remember that liposuction is an invasive surgery that physically removes fat from your body. Another well known fact is that some liposuction surgeries have gone wrong and left the patient with an uneven or lumpy surface. Liposuction surgeries can go wrong in a number of ways, including if the surgeon removes fat too aggressively or uses a technique that is too harsh for the patient’s body or skin elasticity, if the surgeon removes too much fat which renders the person shapeless.

The most critical part of your liposuction procedure is finding a liposuction surgeon in Los Angeles who has the experience, skill and artistic eye to give you the results you want. Delivering outstanding results is not a simple matter because everyone’s body is unique. Factors like skin elasticity, fat types, amount of fat concentration and how and where the fat is stored can make removal of those fatty pockets complicated. Unless the surgeon knows exactly what they are doing, you can end up with unsatisfactory results.

Dr. David Amron at Cosmetic Liposuction is one of the top revision liposuction surgeons. That means he corrects problems that other surgeons have created. He will consult with you, give you a vision of the body you could have and assess your risk factors and advise you about your potential outcome from liposuction surgery. He is one of the best liposuction surgeons in Los Angeles and that is exactly what you want before you consider undergoing liposuction surgery.

Aug 162011

If your chin is sagging or the skin under your chin is loose and you now have jowls instead of a refined chin, it is time to do something about it. Advancements in liposuction surgery allow surgeons to perform very refined chin liposuction and give you the profile you want.

Many liposuction surgeries are performed as tumescent surgeries. This means that you are awake during the liposuction and can move to reveal the smaller fat pockets. It also means that your liposuction surgeon can sculpt those smaller more detailed areas of your body and with chin liposuction can give you the chin definition and profile you want. Your surgeon can give you the chin definition you want and remove the flabby loose appearance of the area under your chin.

When you choose a liposuction surgeon, you want someone who understands your body, your skin elasticity, what needs to be done and also has an artistic eye. You want a liposuction surgeon who has performed hundreds of chin liposuction procedures to that you have all of their knowledge and experience working for you. The more time your liposuction surgeon has performed the surgery the more likely you are to get the outcome you want.

Cosmetic Liposuction’s surgeon, Dr. David Amron, has performed thousands of chin liposuction procedures so you know you are in skilled and capable hands. Dr. Amron has a reputation as a world renowned highly skilled liposuction surgeon. Cosmetic Liposuction also offers a free consultation to assess your needs and answer any questions. Call today to scheduled your free consultation at (310) 275-2467 or go to http://www.cosmeticliposuction.com/ to request your free consultation.

Jul 152011

Have you struggled with belly fat, even after a regimen of diet and exercise?

The abdominal area is subject to the effects of gravity and over time tends to sag and bulge. Sometimes no matter what you do you have a round tummy and you really want a flat toned abdomen. It may be time to check into abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills.

When you are considering liposuction you want the best doctor you can find, one who understands what can go wrong and one who takes the necessary steps to make sure you have satisfying long lasting results.

When a doctor performs abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills they need to take steps to prevent puckering and sagging so you don’t have to have the work corrected. You want a doctor who will understand how skin elasticity and the approach to removing the fat when skin is less elastic can affect results.

There are two types of abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills and you want the best doctor to perform your work. Central liposuction involves the upper and lower abdomen. If a doctor only performs liposuction on the lower abdomen, where the tummy is bulging, the upper abdomen fat will move to the lower abdomen to replace it. You want the upper and lower abdomen addressed in one procedure for satisfying and long lasting results. The other type of abdominal liposuction is all around and it involves the abdomen, waist and flanks. It is important that your doctor crisscross the cannula tunnels to make sure the outcome is smooth and toned. Doctors who only create cannula tunnels in one direction can cause irregularities, which you don’t want on your body.

Get a consultation from the best doctor for abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills; contact Dr. David Amron today to talk about how to sculpt your new body. You will love your new shape.