Nov 072012

We have all seen the pictures and heard the horror stories of what happens when liposuction surgery goes wrong. Often graphic pictures display bizarrely proportioned unnatural looking humans, with giant lips, sharp noses, asymmetrical eyes and bizarrely chiseled abdominal muscles, but while these results are real possibilities, it can actually be hard to find a surgeon who is willing to purposely make such radical changes and surgeons likes this are often severely ostracized and looked down on by the rest of the plastic surgery industry. It is not uncommon for surgeons who cannot make the cut as a legitimate doctor, to resort to offering extreme procedures to make money quickly at the expense of their patients emotional health and wellbeing.

To reiterate, this type of surgeon is not the norm, but it is still essential to find a qualified and respected surgeon any time you plan to have a surgical procedure that will permanently effect the look of your body and indirectly, your confidence and self esteem.

If you are lucky enough to live in a place like New York or Los Angeles, where the concentration of prestigious medical schools produces a larger proportion of quality medical professionals it will always be easier to find either of the two extremes. Los Angeles is the place where people who want unnatural body modifications come, but it is also where people who want the absolute best quality in plastic surgery come to find the world’s most highly skilled and respected doctors.

Liposuction surgeons like Dr. David Amron, do more than provide patients with some of the most advanced surgical procedures in the world, these doctors work hard to build safe and quality practices and maintain the integrity of the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Amron and his peers are looked upon to advance the field and consulted when safety and best practices are in question. Dr. Amron himself has been featured on numerous television stations, world famous news and health programs, in print media like The L.A. Times and The Wall Street Journal, and has authored scholarly articles that look deeper into the practices and ideas behind liposuction and other forms of plastic surgery.

 Dr. Amron is known as one of the world’s leading liposuction plastic surgeons, offering cutting edge liposuction surgery, revision liposuction, and liposuction alternatives that set the standard for surgeons in Los Angeles and across the country. In spite of all of it, Dr. Amron is a normal guy who enjoys music, is an accomplished songwriter, and loves recreational sports. Staying in touch with a creativity and leisure may be one of the things that keeps Dr. Amron grounded and allows him to offer each and every individual he encounters an excellent patient experience.