Mar 122012

What exactly are fat cells, anyway? We know that they can make our skin bulge, sometimes unevenly, and cause the dreaded “jiggle” when we walk or move, but what’s under our skin that’s causing all that commotion? And why is it so tough to get rid of it once it’s there?

Adipose Tissue

Technically known as adipose tissue or adipocytes, fat cells are vacuoles, or hollow cells that can fill up with lipids and triglycerides. There are two types of adipose tissue found in humans – brown and white adipose. Everyone has and needs a certain amount of fat tissue to survive, women in particular. It typically resides under your skin, providing insulation from the cold, cushioning for your bones and muscles and energy for your body’s cells.

Fat as Fuel

You might not realize it, but fat is actually an excellent source of fuel for your body. Your cells need energy to constantly perform an innumerable amount of functions, such as breathing, pumping blood, moving muscles and digesting food. Your body uses carbohydrates and proteins for energy too, but fat is an efficient way for your body to store energy. It’s insurance for your body; if you can’t get enough fuel through your diet, your body can use up fat stores to ensure its systems don’t shut down. Because it’s stored using very little water, more energy is generated per gram of fat than per gram of carbohydrate.

Adipose Tissue Is “Sticky”

Fat cells have the bad habit of sticking around. Why? Because even if you lose weight and reduce your percentage of body fat, adipocytes don’t disappear. They just shrink down and sit there, waiting for you to fill them up again.

Zeroing in on Fat Cell Removal

Though fat cells lying in wait may seem like something out of a nightmare, science has discovered technology that can help reduce the amount of adipocytes in your body. Recently, ultrasound technologies have been tapped to evict squatting fat cells, helping to sculpt a leaner physique. UltraShape is one such technique, with research and documentation to back up its effectiveness.


UltraShape is a laser technique that’s non-invasive, meaning there is no surgery involved. No scalpels, no stitches and no scars. UltraShape uses focused ultrasound to target specific adipocytes, disrupting their structure and essentially destroying their ability to store fat. Unlike other technologies, UltraShape can focus in on just the fat cells, leaving other structures – such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue – unharmed. Studies have shown this innovative procedure may help reduce circumferential fat by four to 10 centimeters in three treatment sessions.

Results will vary, and the procedure isn’t right for everyone, but it’s nice to know you can get rid of saddle bags and jiggly arms without surgery!