Jan 272012

Cool Sculpting is a break though in fat removal. Cool refers to Cryolipolisis, this is a technology that has been developed to cool fat below body temperature, but above freezing, which crystallizes subcutaneous fat. Sculpting refers to the way that you want fat removed because we all need fat to look healthy look and a normal shape.

Cool Sculpting means that unwanted fat will simply melt away over the weeks after your Cryolipolisis treatment because the fat that is sculpted away will be removed through normal metabolic processes.

Cool Sculpting is painless. You can read a book or check your email while you are having the Cryolipolisis. You may have some temporary side effects limited to redness, some bruising and you could have temporary numbness for a short period of time. No adverse side effects have been identified from the procedure.

Cool Sculpting does not require needles or incisions and is painless. You can read a magazine, file your nails or simply relax during the Cryolipolisis. You may have some temporary redness, bruising or mild numbness after the procedure. Those side effects go away after a few days. Cool Sculpting is totally non-invasive and safe.

Cool Sculpting just got FDA approval in the fall of 2010 so few practices are providing Cryolipolisis. One of the Doctors that can perform Cryolipolisis is Dr. David Amron. So if you want more information about Cool Sculpting you have come to the right place.