Jul 152011

Have you struggled with belly fat, even after a regimen of diet and exercise?

The abdominal area is subject to the effects of gravity and over time tends to sag and bulge. Sometimes no matter what you do you have a round tummy and you really want a flat toned abdomen. It may be time to check into abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills.

When you are considering liposuction you want the best doctor you can find, one who understands what can go wrong and one who takes the necessary steps to make sure you have satisfying long lasting results.

When a doctor performs abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills they need to take steps to prevent puckering and sagging so you don’t have to have the work corrected. You want a doctor who will understand how skin elasticity and the approach to removing the fat when skin is less elastic can affect results.

There are two types of abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills and you want the best doctor to perform your work. Central liposuction involves the upper and lower abdomen. If a doctor only performs liposuction on the lower abdomen, where the tummy is bulging, the upper abdomen fat will move to the lower abdomen to replace it. You want the upper and lower abdomen addressed in one procedure for satisfying and long lasting results. The other type of abdominal liposuction is all around and it involves the abdomen, waist and flanks. It is important that your doctor crisscross the cannula tunnels to make sure the outcome is smooth and toned. Doctors who only create cannula tunnels in one direction can cause irregularities, which you don’t want on your body.

Get a consultation from the best doctor for abdominal liposuction Beverly Hills; contact Dr. David Amron today to talk about how to sculpt your new body. You will love your new shape.